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Wanderlust South of the Equator

Traveling with Grabr in Argentina

For those of you who have not discovered grabr, it is a peer to peer international delivery service for those who cannot obtain whatever goods in their country. So through Grabr we are able to make everyday items in our country also theirs.

With 48 hours in a city to work and play I decided to break up my time and separate myself from the city life and slow down the pace to something more beachy.


If your over doing the basic city run of the muck, I would highly suggest taking the time out and hope on a bus to a boat and head to Montevideo, Uraguay. It is city that is not over whelmed with consumerism and tourists and slightly on the off beaten path. It is a place where you can connect with the locals and land through music, culture and food.

Make the most out of your time. Wake up Early and take the boat to bus journey the ride is along enough so you have time to nap, or stay awake an see the country side.

A few suggestions,

BO! hostel is a cozy place to lay your head. Filled with paintings by artist who have stayed there, it has a home away from home located near the old city and not far from the coast line.

Rio cafe and club was where all signed pointed to. Playing quality hip-hop and dance music moving on to disco it was such a gift to dance the night away with locals who could move shake and break dance! ( a must if you like to get down).

La Playa. Sit beach side and enjoy local fresh caught fish and then dip in to the water where the Rio de Plata meets the Atlantic.



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